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Missouri Traffic Attorney

A DUI or other traffic conviction in the Lee’s Summit area has the dangerous potential to result in serious charges and penalties, including fines, loss of driving privileges and jail time. However, hiring an experienced traffic lawyer can help. After an individual is arrested on charges of DUI or DWI, consulting a traffic attorney as soon as possible is essential to the outcome of his or her case.

At Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law, our experienced Missouri traffic lawyer focuses on protecting the rights and interests of their clients. Why? When bad things happen to good people, our skilled DUI and DWI lawyer works hard to get a positive outcome for each of their clients. They truly believe in giving you the trusted and effective legal assistance that you need. We are dedicated to helping those in need of legal representation.

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Immediate Investigation to Protect Your Rights

DUI cases are highly fact-specific and need an investigation as soon as possible. The Lee’s Summit office of Miller & Terry will contact witnesses, review police reports and any hospital documentation, collect physical evidence, and work with experts when necessary.

As a former prosecutor and state trooper, Daniel C. Miller has seen a wide range of criminal DUI and DWI cases and knows how to protect his clients’ rights and minimize the charges or penalties in the cases.

Traffic Law Offenses

  1. Drinking and driving
  2. DUI/DWI
  3. Traffic accidents
  4. Hit-and-run
  5. Evading an officer
  6. Vehicular manslaughter
  7. Red light camera violations
  8. Felony murder
  9. Child endangerment
  10. Drugs/driving under the influence

Experience Matters for a DUI or DWI Lawyer

When it comes to alcohol-related charges, having an experienced traffic lawyer counts. After all, there are a number of potential legal repercussions if the court does not rule in your favor. A lawyer with extensive knowledge and years of experience can make the difference between jail time and freedom.

Aggressive Advocacy for DUI Charges

Depending on the facts of the case, the penalties for a DUI can vary. You could be charged with a more serious offense depending on your blood alcohol level, whether you are a repeat offender, and whether there were children in the car. Our goal is to decrease, or defeat, the DUI charges and significantly lower or eliminate penalties in your case. We will work to try to keep you out of jail, protect driving privileges, and to keep fines to a minimum.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges

One of the primary concerns of many defendants is driving privileges after an accident or violation charge. With experience in DUI cases involving registration and licensure, our lawyers will explore every avenue of defense to protect your license and driving privileges.

Law Office in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Our Lee’s Summit law office is experienced in many areas of defense for criminal law and traffic law. Our attorneys are licensed in the state of Missouri and we serve clients all over Kansas City. Miller & Terry, Attorneys at Law are seasoned lawyers, offering trusted counsel and advocacy to our clients.

We proudly serve the greater Kansas City area, including Lee’s Summit, Independence and Blue Springs, Missouri. To request that we defend you, e-mail Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law or call our Missouri law office at 816.524.8718