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The number one thing you want to have with you is an attorney. Unless you are called as a witness to come to court, you are going to be a party to a law suit, either criminal or civil. If you come to court without an attorney most judges will ask you where your attorney is or are you sure you want to proceed without one.

Dress for Court Appearance Success

Dress for court like you are going to a wedding, a funeral or a nice restaurant. A work uniform is fine if you are coming from work or on your way to work after your court appearance. You don’t want to appear as if you just got out of bed and wandered into the courtroom. Being well-groomed and wearing clean clothing that is in good repair is always best. Don’t wear a ball cap and don’t chew gum. If you need to have your cell phone, turn it off. Not down. Off. Some courts don’t allow cell phones at all and you might find yourself going back to your car to drop it off.

Speak Clearly and Use Your Own Words

Your attorney will speak for you. You need only announce something to the court after your attorney has told you what to say and when to say it. Your court appearance will go much more smoothly if you let your attorney handle it.

Don’t Go in Cold

If you are a witness and don’t need an attorney take a few moments to go over the events that led to the lawsuit being filed in the first place. Try to recall the details as specifically as possible, whether they relate to times, distances, people present or the location of certain objects. If you are being represented by an attorney during your court appearance, he or she will help you review the evidence.

Don’t Speak Out of Turn

You never know who’s listening or who might overhear private conversations. Don’t discuss your case with anyone unless it is your attorney and then only if you are in a sufficiently private location.

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