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The help of a personal injury lawyer is not necessary in every rear end collision. In fact, many of these accidents are relatively minor. However, any personal injury lawyer can attest that some of these accidents are far more devastating. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering whether or not you need the services of a personal injury lawyer.

How To Tell if You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Most drivers can get help from their insurance company and the insurer of the at-fault driver before needing to contact a personal injury lawyer. It’s true that it is the responsibility of the insurer to provide compensation that helps to repair cars and pay for medical bills. However, most insurance companies are unwilling to consider paying for anything more. Even worse, some insurance companies refuse to fully compensate the victim of a rear end crash even when their policy holder was clearly at fault.

This is where the personal injury lawyer usually steps in. An experienced personal injury lawyer builds a practice around making certain that insurance companies and at-fault drivers adequately compensate rear end car crash victims. Many people wait to contact a personal injury lawyer until the going gets rough with the other driver’s insurance. It’s important to realize that a personal injury lawyer could get involved in the process much earlier.

Potential Effects of Read End Collisions

For instance, anyone who has been rear ended may experience serious physical injuries. Chronic neck and back pain and headaches are just a few examples. These conditions can prevent the victim from working or enjoying favorite pastimes. They can cause a need for long term medical care and rehabilitation. Moreover, pain, suffering and emotional distress may accompany the physical injuries.

A personal injury lawyer can help rear end crash victims get the compensation they deserve when an insurance company seems disinclined to cooperate. However, they can also get involved earlier to ensure a smooth claims process, and to determine whether or not an additional claim may be made.

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