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The days following a DWI arrest are confusing. Adding to the confusion is the need to hire a DWI lawyer. How can they know that a DWI lawyer is the right one for them?

The good news is that a DWI lawyer is there to help. The primary goal of any DWI lawyer is to defend your rights. Even if you think your situation is bleak, a DWI lawyer can help. If you ask the right questions, you’ll stand a much better chance of hiring a good, well-qualified DWI lawyer.

What You Need to Know About Your DWI Lawyer

Start by asking your prospective DWI lawyer how long they’ve been in practice. A seasoned lawyer who has handled many cases is going to have a thorough understanding of the law as well as a relationship with the prosecutor’s office. Both of these things will help your case go much more smoothly. 

Also ask the DWI lawyer how many cases they have handled that are DWI matters. The more familiar they are with this practice, the better your chances become. Moreover, you’ll want to know how extensive the DWI lawyer’s experience at trial is. You probably don’t want an attorney who’s never appeared in a jury trial. Keep in mind that your case may never go to court. However, if it does, you want someone with experience arguing on your behalf. 

The DWI lawyer should also be able to provide you with some estimates of the cost to handle your case. It’s impossible for them to be specific, but they should be able to provide a realistic range. The attorney should estimate how much your case will cost if it settles before trial and provide an additional estimate should going to court become necessary.

It can also be revealing to ask about the outcome of your case. No attorney can guarantee how a case will turn out. If the one you’re interviewing offers you promises about a definite outcome, you’re better off finding another lawyer.

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