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Halloween is almost here once again. This is an exciting time for children on the hunt for candy but can also be a worrisome time for their parents. Halloween safety for kids is always a big concern this time of year and so we’ve put together these safety guidelines to help you and your family out.

Halloween Safety for Kids

  • Keep costumes short and avoid those where fabric might drag the ground and become a tripping hazard.
  • Favor makeup over a mask. Not only are masks hotter and more uncomfortable but they can also severely limit a child’s vision. This can be dangerous when crossing the street and heading up and down steps.
  • Choose lighter colored costumes and use reflective tape on costumes. A child dressed entirely in black crossing the street at night is not good practice of Halloween safety.
  • Travel in groups so not to be a target for real-life monsters. Parents should always walk with young children.
  • Only stop at homes where the lights are turned on outside.
  • Never go into a home. Stay on the porch at all times.
  • Cross the street at corners and never move between parked cars.
  • Never take a shortcut through alleys, parks or backyards.
  • Politely accept unwrapped or homemade treats but never eat them. These should always be thrown away later at an appropriate time.
  • Never eat any treats until parents have been able to inspect them.

Halloween Safety for Adults

  • You should never give unwrapped or homemade treats to kids
  • Make sure that you are providing exterior lighting which can be as simple as turning your porch light or exterior garage lights on.
  • Make your presence known to discourage speeding vehicles. Many adults have started setting up shop closer to the street, placing tables and chairs at the end of their driveway to greet their trick or treaters.
  • Always report any suspicious activity to your local police department immediately.
  • Make a map of where it is safe for your children to trick or treat. For older children not being directly supervised, set a time limit for this area before checking in with you.

Halloween Safety for Motorists

  • An increase in drinking due to Halloween parties is expected but even more so is the fact that thousands of children will be walking the street in the dark. Never drink and drive.
  • Be alert and use extreme caution. Just because parents “should” be monitoring the actions of their children for safety doesn’t mean every child is being watched. Slow down and watch for excited kids who might dart out in front of your car.

We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. To learn about personal injury or how to protect yourself from DUI charges, contact Daniel C. Miller Attorney at  (816) 875-0470 to consult an attorney.