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Expert Testimony

Expert testimony is critical in both criminal and civil litigation. Whether you are facing criminal charges or entering into a personal injury, breach of contract, or civil dispute, the use of an expert witness could have a direct impact on the results of your case. Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law, are experienced civil litigation and criminal attorneys in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and are dedicated to fighting for the rights and interests of their clients. Our office routinely collaborates with and recruits experts on behalf our clients.

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Do I Need an Expert Witness for my Court Case?

When presenting evidence to the court, having a criminal attorney argue your case is not always enough to convince the jury of disputed facts in the case. An expert witness can confirm or support your testimony, or offer a scientific interpretation of evidence. When seeking an expert criminal attorney, it is important to find an experienced criminal attorney that has appropriate connections with expert witnesses and experience presenting expert testimony at trial. Both the prosecution and the defense are allowed to present expert witness testimony at trial.

Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law are knowledgeable criminal attorneys with experience working with expert witnesses in cases involving:

  • Crime scene investigations: blood spatter, footprints, fingerprint evidence
  • Firearms/tool mark examiners
  • Cause of death or manner of death forensic evidence
  • Field sobriety test evidence in DUI cases
  • Self-defense and use of force experts
  • Toxicology reports and blood test results
  • DNA evidence presentation

Experienced Trial Advocacy by a Criminal Attorney

Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law, criminal attorneys experienced in presenting expert testimony and in evidence involving forensics, fingerprints, firearms, determination of cause and manner of death, DNA evidence, crime scene investigation, accident reconstruction, trace evidence, and mental defenses. Mental defense testimonies can include diminished capacity, post-traumatic stress syndrome, fugue state, depression, and “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights

Your choice of criminal can have a massive impact on the results of your case. You deserve to work with an attorney who is passionate about your defense. From the initial investigation through the trial, you can trust that Miller & Terry’s experience and skills in evidence presentation will be an asset in executing your defense.