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Criminal Defense

A felony or misdemeanor charge can result in serious consequences, including jail or prison time in addition to fines and a criminal record. When you are facing criminal charges, it is critically important to get an experienced criminal defense law firm involved in your case as soon as possible. Miller & Terry features a criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of experience in criminal trials.

Daniel Miller, a former Jackson County Prosecutor of the Year, brings a wealth of experience as a public defender, prosecutor and even a state trooper, which gives him a better understanding of what to anticipate from prosecutors and how best to protect your civil rights and best interests. He has conducted more than 175 criminal jury trials, including several death penalty cases and even the Kansas City Firefighters case.

The law firm of Miller & Terry has built upon that experience, successfully representing hundreds of clients throughout the Kansas City-area and surrounding counties, such as Jackson, Platte, Clay, Cass, Johnson and Lafayette counties in Missouri, as well as Wyandotte, Johnson and Leavenworth counties in Kansas. We handle every phase of a case, including appeals and writs for habeas corpus, if necessary.

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Strategic Defense in Serious Criminal Matters

As your criminal defense attorneys, our role is to thoroughly investigate your case, identify and preserve all necessary evidence, and develop a cohesive defense strategy that is consistent with the facts and circumstances. You can be sure that Miller & Terry will effectively and diligently protect your rights and work to produce the best possible outcome.

If you need a criminal defense attorney, call Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law at 816.524.8718.