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Criminal Defense

A felony charge can result in serious consequences. Beyond a criminal record, a felony conviction can bring with it penitentiary time in addition to possible fines, or even the death penalty. When you are under investigation or facing felony charges it is critically important to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer involved in your case as soon as possible. Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law are criminal defense lawyers with over 30 years of experience in investigations and criminal trials.

Daniel Miller and Matthew Terry have served as criminal defense lawyers in several cases that have caught media attention, such as the case of a Missouri woman on death row and the Kansas City Firefighters explosion case. They have worked on several murder cases. Their prior experience as a prosecutor, a public defender and a state trooper gives Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law a better understanding of what to anticipate and what steps or strategies law enforcement, or prosecutors, may take during your case. This helps them to better protect the rights and interests of clients facing serious felony charges.

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Felony Charges

Serious felony charges come with greater penalties than misdemeanors. Felonies are considered the most serious crime in the court of law. In a serious felony, the crime is considered major enough to warrant punishment for at least one year. When you’ve been charged with a felony, you face greater penalties than small fines and restrictions. Punishment for a serious felony crime can result in imprisonment in a state penitentiary system, or even in some cases, death. The state of Missouri allows for a capital punishment, or a death penalty. One who commits several serious felonies is considered a “prior and previous offender” and may be subject to life in prison upon three serious felony offenses. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, Miller & Terry can provide the right approach to evidence and criminal defense to ensure a fair court case is ensued, and that the punishment fits the crime.

Missouri Criminal Felony Charges

The state of Missouri criminal code takes felony cases very seriously. If you’ve been charged with a felony, contact Missouri criminal defense attorneys Miller & Terry about representation as your criminal defense lawyer right away. The sooner a criminal defense lawyer is working on your case, the better defense you will receive. Early steps by experienced legal counsel can keep things from escalating into more serious matters.

Missouri law divides felonies into classes(Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D) based on several factors including the nature of the acts constituting the offense, the potential for harm done, the actual harm done and the intention/mindset of the person being charged at the time they took the actions.

  • Class A felonies are the most serious of crimes such as murder or first degree robberies. Penalties could involve death, imprisonment for life or imprisonment for 10-30 years.
  • Class B felonies include voluntary manslaughter, second degree robbery and first degree burglary. Penalties could involve imprisonment for up to 15 years.
  • Class C felonies include stealing, assault, or involuntary manslaughter. Penalties could include imprisonment and several thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Class D felonies include several types of fraud. Penalties can include imprisonment and/or high fines.

Experienced Serious Criminal Defense Lawyer

From murder to burglary and fraud, Daniel Miller and Matthew Terry are experienced in criminal law and knowledgeable about criminal court cases. Their experience as criminal defense lawyers involves several cases where clients were charged with serious felonies. Daniel Miller has been the lead counsel in over 85 murder trials, including death penalty cases. Daniel Miller may be one of the few attorneys who has prosecuted and defended death penalty cases.

We are experienced in the defense of serious felonies, including:

  1. First Degree Murder
  2. Burglary
  3. Second Degree Murder
  4. Stealing
  5. Felony Murder
  6. Fraud
  7. Voluntary manslaughter
  8. Kidnapping
  9. Involuntary manslaughter
  10. Firearms and weapons charges
  11. Vehicular manslaughter
  12. Felon in possession
  13. Robbery
  14. Armed criminal action
  15. Assault

Former Cases Involving Serious Felony Charges

Missouri criminal defense lawyers Miller & Terry have served to defend several clients facing serious felony charges. From murder trials to death penalty trials, we have caught wide-spread attention for our role in several high-profile Missouri felony cases:

  • In 1988, Daniel Miller was co-counsel for the defense in the death penalty trial of State of Missouri v. Wacaser. The case caught widespread media attention because the defendant would have been the first woman put on death row in the state of Missouri.
  • From 1992 through 2009, Daniel Miller tried high profile prosecutions focusing on murder trials.
  • In 1993, Daniel Miller was voted “Trial Prosecutor of the Year.” In 1997 he was made a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the famous “Firefighters” trial surrounding the deaths of six firefighters from a 1988 explosion. From this trial, he received awards from the Department of Labor, the ATF, and the Kansas City, Missouri, Firefighters.

Strategic Defense in Serious Felony Cases

As your criminal defense lawyer, our role is to thoroughly investigate your case, identify and preserve all necessary evidence, and develop a cohesive defense strategy that is consistent with the facts and circumstances of your case. Sometimes, our role as the criminal defense attorney is to ensure that the charge(s) is consistent with the crime committed.

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