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Collection Attorney Kansas

Creditor Representation | Debt Collection Attorney and Bankruptcy Lawyer in Kansas City, KS

If you need to collect debt, and negotiations and letters have been no use, Matthew Terry is willing to file suit on your behalf and take your claim to trial. Upon receiving a judgment in your favor, Matthew will vigorously begin collection procedures. At Miller & Terry, our attorneys have experience representing creditors in collection, bankruptcy, and litigation, as well as other civil matters.

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Creditor Representation in Kansas City, Kansas

We are experienced in creditor representation in the following areas:

  • An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help with:
    • Challenging the automatic stay
    • Fraudulent conveyances
    • Lien priority disputes
    • Bankruptcy reclamation
    • Defending preferences
  • Civil suits on debts owed
  • Demand and collection letters
  • Well versed in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act defense


Post-Judgment Collection including the following:

  • Writ of Garnishment – Debtor’s wages go directly to the judgment creditor
  • Writ of Execution – Debtor’s property is used to satisfy the debt


If You Need to Make Collections

We will work with debtors to negotiate payment or, if necessary, we will use more aggressive legal strategies. Our Kansas attorneys will help draft a letter to persuade debtors to pay back what is owed in whichever way you prefer. In our experience, a legal letter is usually more than enough to achieve the desired result. However, if the letter is not enough, Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law, are more than willing to go the extra step to file a lawsuit to pursue payment from your debtors. With ample experience as a collection attorney, Matthew Terry of Miller & Terry, will take an aggressive approach to reclaim your money and property from any debtors.

From the beginning of your case through its final resolution, you can trust that Matthew Terry will seek to preserve your immediate and future interests. Whether you are interested in a quick settlement and negotiation or you want to take your case to trial, he has the experience and proven record of results that you can trust. With the help of a successful bankruptcy lawyer, your case will be settled quickly and easily.

Matthew Terry is an experienced collection attorney offering trusted counsel and advocacy for clients throughout Kansas City and the state of Kansas. Call Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law at (913) 624-9646 to speak to an experienced Kansas collection attorney or bankruptcy lawyer today.