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April 14, 2015

What Should I Do if I'm a Passenger in a DUI Arrest?

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Posted by | The young adult years are a time for making mistakes. Too often these mistakes result in the need for the assistance of a DUI lawyer. That's always sad, particularly when the person charged with a DUI is a high school student whose life is just beginning. However, the plight of the passenger in a DUI arrest situation is often overlooked. Does a passenger need a DUI lawyer?

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October 28, 2014

Do Breathalyzer Apps Work?

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Posted by | Even a DWI lawyer relies on their smartphone these days. They offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, and there's no end of fun and useful apps. However, some people have started using certain Breathalyzer apps for something other than entertainment. These apps are meant to let drivers know when it's not ok to get behind the wheel.

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October 07, 2014

Lessons Teens Can Learn From the Michael Phelps DUI Case

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Posted by | An Olympic Games icon recently made headlines for the wrong reasons. Michael Phelps, 18 time gold medalist, was arrested for a DUI. It wasn't the first time. Phelps' first DUI came in 2003. He followed it up with a damaging photo showing him with a marijuana bong. It's clear that what Phelps needs now is a good DUI lawyer. However, there are also valuable lessons that he can take away from this situation.

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September 28, 2014

Essential Facts About Drugged Driving in Missouri

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Posted by | Missouri laws are notoriously tough when it comes to driving while intoxicated. Any driver who uses prescription medications, illegal drugs or over-the-counter remedies may be at risk for being charged with a DWI. A Missouri DUI lawyer witnesses firsthand the serious consequences that can come about from being charged with driving while intoxicated.

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