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Matthew Terry

As a licensed attorney in both Missouri and Kansas, including both state and federal courts, Matthew Terry has represented individual and corporate clients and insurance companies in a wide variety of matters, including personal injury, workers compensation, wrongful termination and breach of contract. His extensive experience with these matters, often from the perspective of a defense attorney, allows him to effectively analyze your claim and efficiently lead you to a just outcome. Furthermore, Mr. Terry is one of the top DUI attorneys in Kansas City, and has successfully fought DUI disputes and traffic violations.

Comprehensive Civil Attorney for the Kansas City Metro

Civil attorney Matthew Terry serves clients all over Missouri and Kansas. Located in Overland Park, KS he sees many clients from all over the Kansas City area. Matthew Terry makes sure each client is well-represented and provided with:

  • Educated direction: personal injury actions can be very complex and trying processes, but civil attorney Matthew Terry very carefully analyzes your specific concerns and provides tailored counsel that helps you navigate through all of your potential options and remedies.
  • An empathetic counselor: Filing a lawsuit or making a claim is often a stressful endeavor, but Matthew Terry knows how best to guide you through the process, including investigation, pre-suit demands, the filing of a lawsuit, and all the way through trial.
  • An effective advocate: Civil attorney Matthew Terry not only possesses trial experience, but experience negotiating and mediating matters on behalf of corporations and insurance companies, so he knows how best to resolve your claim to your satisfaction.

Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Matthew Terry is also well versed in the complex realm of criminal law and has represented citizens of both Missouri and Kansas in all types of actions, including traffic violations, DUI, drug charges, misdemeanor charges and felony charges. He works closely with Daniel Miller, a former state trooper and Kansas City prosecutor, to zealously assert your legal rights and present a representation that you can trust.

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, a DUI attorney, or a lawyer for any civil case near Kansas City, we can help. Contact Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law today about serving as your civil attorney by calling816.524.8718.

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