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Jeff Gedbaw

Jeffrey Gedbaw graduated from the University of Nebraska School of Law in December of 2003. Jeff was admitted to the Nebraska bar in 2004 and the Missouri bar in 2005. He is also licensed in Kansas and Texas

Jeff began his career as a trial lawyer with the Missouri State Public Defender, where he spent ten years. He was then offered a position in Jacksonville, Florida as an Assistant Federal Public Defender, where he had the opportunity to focus exclusively on federal criminal defense, and mastered the complexities of handling criminal cases in federal court.

After 12 years of extensive trial experience as a state and federal public defender, Jeff started his private practice. Using his trial skills learned from the public defender’s office Jeff has expanded his practice to family law and bankruptcy, in addition to federal criminal defense. Both areas of law are litigation intensive, which suits Jeff’s practice style.

One thing that bankruptcy and family law have in common is that a person or family are going through difficult times. Jeff enjoys the reward of steering people through the maze of bankruptcy regulations so they can salvage their assets and their dignity. He also takes pride in getting his client through a family law proceeding which can be emotionally and financially exhausting.